Mailbag: You Have Questions? We Have Answers

This is a forum in which fans can ask questions, spout opinions, cheer for your teams or scream bloody murder

Welcome to a continuous Q&A session with Buffalo Maven columnists and 1270 The Fan talk-show hosts Bucky Gleason and Jerry Sullivan. We're talking Bills, Sabres and local colleges every day on the radio, but why stop there when there are so many other sports stories worth discussing?

This is a forum in which fans can ask questions, spout opinions and sound off. If you're bewildered by the Bills' quarterback situation, let us know. If you're thrilled with the way the defense has played, we want to hear from you. Who should stay? Who should go? This is an opportunity for you to let it fly.

Sully will use questions from here for his Friday mailbag. If there's enough demand, I'll start one during the week.

Buffalo sports fans aren't confined to the local teams, their leagues or the Big Four, and neither are we. Feel free to ask questions or offer your opinions about the latest in Major League Baseball or the NBA or NCAA hoops or anything else. We'll make an attempt at soccer.

You can even brag about your kid scoring three goals in the house league.

This is your message board, an opportunity for you to ask questions but also leave comments. And you're not limited to 280 characters.

You can write your own column, so long you follow a few simple regulations. The site will be monitored. Your work can be edited or deleted. You can be suspended or banned.

The rules:

Cursing, criticizing children, bullying and using false information in an effort to damage one's reputation are strictly prohibited.

Wisecracks are strongly encouraged.

In other words, use your head.

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Bucky Gleason
Bucky Gleason


Here is where you can ask your questions, spew your opinions or praise whomever you please.

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