Jeff Driskel: “We expect this game to be a lot different."

QB Jeff Driskel meets with the media ahead of Cincinnati's week 16 road trip to Cleveland to take on the Browns.

What are your biggest takeaways from the game this past Sunday?

“We ran the ball really well, and that was evident. Joe (HB Joe Mixon) played well, and the offensive line played well in the run game. We made enough plays to win the game, but we still left a lot out there. There were some more big plays to be made. I personally have to give our receivers a chance to make those plays. I didn’t play my best game, or anywhere near that. But I made enough plays to win the game, and that’s what it’s all about. Any time you can get a win in the NFL, it’s good. They’re hard to come by.”

How much of an in-game adjustment is there to throwing deep to different receivers? Does it take a lot of game reps to develop a chemistry throwing to these guys?

“Those types of plays are really dictated by the coverage more than the receiver. Any time you can get more reps with any one receiver or anything like that, it’s going to be beneficial. But it’s really dictated by the coverage, and that’s how you determine if you are going to take a shot down the field. But that’s any play — the defense is going to dictate where the ball goes. Any time you can get those reps, it’s huge. We’ll get some this week and get better moving forward.”

What did you learn from your first experience playing against the Cleveland Browns?

“We expect this game to be a lot different. We said today (about the last game) that it was our 18th play of the game and we were down 28 points, or something like that. We have to come out better offensively, and we expect the game to go differently because they were in pass-rush mode more than playing down-and-distance football. The game situation in the first time we played them this year was a little bit skewed. We just have to go out play our game and execute, and we should be fine.”

How much easier is it to prepare for the Browns, having seen them already this year?

“We know these guys, they know us. And just like with any other team in the NFL, they’re going to change week-to-week. They’re going to throw wrinkles in there, switch things up, and change their tendencies. Offenses and defenses alike do that, so we understand that, but we have a pretty good feel for what they’re going to try to do for the most part. We feel like we have a good plan to attack what they do, and we look forward to putting the plan to work this week and getting going this weekend.”