Coach Lewis: “We have to play better in every area."

Coach Marvin Lewis addresses the media as the Bengals prepare to host the New Orleans Saints in week 10.

How do you want to see your defense improve in this game against the Saints from what we’ve seen the past few weeks?

“We have to play better in every area. We have to do a great job tackling, win on third downs and play fundamental defense.”

What kinds of problems do the Saints present, in terms of what they do and how potent they are on offense?

“They do a great job of putting pressure on in all areas, and they run the football effectively. They have a couple of great running backs in (Mark) Ingram and (Alvin) Kamara. The quarterback (Drew Brees) delivers the football to all areas of the field.”

What kind of problems does Saints QB Drew Brees present? It seems like he can do everything out there …

“Drew is going to go through his progression. The coverages you play obviously aren’t going to be anything that he hasn’t seen. (He will) try to work the football based on what they perceive is the weakness of the coverage and based on the development of the route.”

You thought you had a good group of young receivers in training camp, but at this point it seems like no one has really stepped up outside of A.J. Green and Tyler Boyd. How do you assess where they are now, and are they at the point you expected them to be at when you were in training camp?

“John (Ross) has done good things when he’s been out there and healthy. We just have to keep pressing forward, and the other guys have to continue to make plays when they get opportunities.”

You mentioned that your defense needs to be better in all areas. We’re seeing historic offensive numbers throughout the league. Based on the way that games are called now and the creativity of offensive coordinators, how do defenses catch up to the way offenses are playing?

“You have to stand with proper leverage, you need to have great eyes and the disciple to play what’s called. When you’re at the point of attack, you have to win your snap.”