QB Andy Dalton: "We didn’t do enough to win."

QB Andy Dalton addressed the media following the loss at Carolina.

RE: Carolina’s defense

Yea they are a good team, a good defense. For us, we had opportunities, we just didn’t take advantage of them, we didn’t do enough to win.

RE: What happened on the third interception intended for John Ross?

I threw it, tried to give him (John Ross) a chance, I don’t know exactly what happened but I feel like for me I have to smart with the ball. You never want to turn the ball over and we had way too many turnovers today.

RE: How much of that was on Ross to fight for the ball a little bit more?

I think everybody is going to look at the tape and see what we all could do different. That’s the thing with the tape we have to go look at it, see what we could do better and see the plays that we left out there and fix them.

RE: Fumble overturned

I was still on the ball. I knew that I still had it in my hand when I got hit and it went forward. I thought that’s what the ruling was going to be after the replay. I felt like it was in my hand long enough and that it was going forward. That obviously wasn’t how I wanted to throw it but when getting hit, I had the ball in my hand.

RE: Did you get an explanation of A.J. Green’s second catch that was ruled incomplete?

I thought A.J. (Green) caught it but I don’t know what happened. I don’t know why it got called incomplete because it looked like he had it inbounds and when he was going out of bounds I thought he still had it.

RE: On A.J. Green’s toe-touch catch, is that about as good as you have ever seen?

It is impressive; I mean he is so good at it. There are not very many people that can do that, if there is anybody else that can make those type of plays, then yeah but it doesn’t surprise me. I feel like on the throw either he’s going to have a chance to make a play on it or it’s going to end up out of bounds, for him he made an unbelievable catch. How he got his feet down, I don’t know.

RE: It is a “next man up” kind of league, how much does it hamstring you guys to lose A.J. Green?

He is the best receiver in the league and when you have him on your team then he’s not there anymore, obviously it changes things but that’s why you have depth, that’s why you have other guys that have to step up and play; that’s just how this league works.

RE: Even with A.J. Green out of the game, you were still able to move the ball. Were you pleased with your tightends?

I felt good out there, even when he’s out there I feel like we just have to trust our guys to make plays. We have a lot of talent on this team, even with him out we feel like we can still move the ball and do everything that we want to do offensively.

RE: Tyler Boyd

He did a great job with reacting once I was out of the pocket. I think for him at that point it just ends up backyard football, go get open. He did a great job twice getting open on two big plays.

RE: The first touchdown Tyler Boyd said he was still running his route.

I think he reacted once he moved. He was running his route but then he reacted to it, great play.

RE: Tyler Boyd seems to have an instinct to go to the right place

I think that’s him, he understands the game really well. He understands what we are trying to do, it is natural for him, and it showed with the way he played today.

RE: Are some losses harder to take than others?

Every loss is different, every game is different, and for us we had our chances in this game and at the end of the day we just didn’t make enough plays.

RE: Luke Kuechly

He is a good player. He is one of the best linebackers in this league. He is smart and has really good instincts. He is physical; he is everything you would want in a linebacker.

RE: A game of inches

Unfortunately, tipped balls don’t find the ground too often, other than sitting up in the air; it’s just the way it works. We weren’t able to recover the fumble, they were able to get on the tipped ball, it didn’t go our way today.


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