Driskel: "There are no moral victories in this league."

Bengals quarterback Jeff Driskel meets with the media postgame after the week 14 contest against the Chargers.

On how he felt about the game:

“I thought we played well on offense. I thought we played well on first and second downs. We just didn’t make the plays, we made some plays but not the ones we needed. We have to find a way to convert those. There are no moral victories in this league. We have to fight, scratch and claw to get a win.” 

On being surprised with some of the play calling:

“We have to play aggressive to win a ball game and that’s what we did. [Head] Coach [Marvin Lewis] had full confidence that we would convert on some of those plays and same with everyone else on offense. Unfortunately, we didn’t.”

On the rule change not to give himself up:

“I was not giving myself up, that is within the rule book and how it is interpreted, it is what it is. I wasn’t giving myself up, I have to figure out another way to get myself in there.”

On Head Coach Marvin Lewis going for it with fourth-and-one:

“It’s one yard and he thought we were going to convert. I thought we were going to convert. We knew that was just the way we were going to play that game. We were going to play aggressive and if we picked that yard up it might have been a different story. We just didn’t execute and when you get an aggressive call like that you just have to go out and execute and we didn’t.”

On if he was supposed to throw to DE Sam Hubbard on his overturned rushing score:

“He was an option. He was out on a route and they had it covered. I was trying to make a play there, but yes he was definitely in the progression. The call was unfortunate. I did what I thought I had to do to get in and that call was just tough.”

On the two-point conversion with the sack at the end of the game:

“It was a pretty simple look, they didn’t surprise us with anything on defense all day. We didn’t convert and we didn’t execute. We just have to find a way to do that. The first two options that I had I didn’t think it was clean enough to let it rip so I just tried to create because you have to find a way to get in on two-point conversions. I don’t know who got me, but we’ve just got to make that play.”

On TE C.J. Uzomah being the first option on that play:

“Yeah, it’s all dependent on coverage so anybody out in a route is a viable option and we just didn’t get it done unfortunately.”

On the headset and communication issues:

“There were a few times where I wasn’t getting anything in the headset and we were prepared for that. I didn’t let that affect us. I looked over to the sideline and got some hand signals. I was able to get the calls in and that doesn’t happen too often, but we were ready for it.”

On if he ever called a play himself:

“No, I didn’t make anything up, I looked over to the sideline and got the call from the sideline and got it into the huddle. Unfortunately, that stuff happens sometimes and we just have to have poise, which I thought we did.”

On what he was attempting to accomplish on the two-point conversion:

“On the two-point conversion we have two of our best guys over there to the left — C.J. Uzomah and [WR] Tyler Boyd. I have to find a way to get them the ball whether it’s a get them the ball right now or make somebody miss and find somebody late. I just didn’t get it done. That happens in football and it just comes down to us not making enough plays as a unit.”

On if he was banged up during the game:

“Football is a physical game and stuff like that is going to happen. I’m good. There’s really no issues, but sometimes you get banged up a little bit and you get looked at. If the doctor says you’re good and you’re good, so I was fine.”

On making a committed effort to get the ball to RB Joe Mixon:

“Yeah, you always try to get your best players the ball and I thought Joe did a nice job hitting the holes. Even sometimes when there wasn’t much there, he created. I thought he ran hard. I thought he really battled and that was big for us today being able to run the ball effectively.”

On going for it on fourth-and-one:

“I love when they want to be aggressive, Coach [Lewis] had full confidence that we were going to get it done and unfortunately we came up short. When you have your head coach’s confidence like that, that’s encouraging.”

On if the two false starts were communication issues:

“Sometimes things like that happen and it’s something that we’ve come a long way with ever since I’ve been playing. It’s still something that we’ve got to get cleaned up and those are things that hurt.”


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