Tribune story details Packer fan still looking to be an unwanted guest

Packers fan still wants to be the party pooper at Soldier Field

This Tribune story is about that goof Russell Beckman who says he wants to wear a Packers jersey and stand on the sidelines at the Bears-Packers game. He went to court in pursuit of this, and the Bears don't want him there at a special on-field function reserved for Bears fans. Really, it's not like the court system is filled with enough stupid things already. I mean, really, want kind of a cad do you have to be to want to do this? It's not cute or anything. The Bears should just grant the dope his wish and shut him up by putting him down there, surrounded by about a dozen 6-foot-6, 280-pound guys wearing Bears stuff and make him feel uncomfortable. He has every right to wear what he wants as long as it's within community standards. And they have every right to make him feel uncomfortable.

The Bears should just do it because not letting him down there hasn't helped them any. Without him down there they've lost every home game to the Packers since winning in 2010. Maybe he'd be a good luck charm for the Bears. They could invite him there every week.


Gene Chamberlain
EditorGene Chamberlain
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