Frizzled Matt Nagy reflects on career as "Kindergarten Coach"

Former substitute teacher Matt Nagy liked the seventh and eighth graders, not kindergarteners.

One of Matt Nagy's great strengths during interviews with the Bears was how personable he was, team officials said at his opening press conference.

Nagy showed that Thursday with a revelation about his substitute teaching career. He did this before going into real estate, and then coaching.

The Bears coach was talking about how when Chase Daniel had to replace injured Mitchell Trubisky, he had been like a substitute teacher and asserted himself the way a substitute teacher should.

Nagy mentioned how he had been a sub and liked teaching fourth, fifth, seventh and eighth grades, but not kindergarten.

“They don’t listen,” he said. “I’m weird about eye contact and 'listen to me' and make sure that we’re connecting, and I got none of that."

Nagy had the media laughing over his rough day teaching kindergarten.

He sounded a bit like Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1990 movie Kindergarten Cop.


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