Bears continue to lead NFL with fewest offensive holding penalties

NFL teams are averaging 19.6 offensive holding penalties at this point. The Bears have seven, and only three on the line

The Bears continue to have good fortune or good technique with blocking, when it comes to avoiding holding penalties.

Actually, it's ridiculously good fortune.

Kevin Seifert of ESPN on Thursday pointed out they have only seven offensive holding penalties on the year and gave the list of all teams. The Bears have six less than the next most (Carolina) and are well below the league average of 19.6 per team.

Even more astounding, they have no holding penalties by an offensive tackle. They're usually out on an island blocking the outside linebacker or defensive end and it's rare when they can go more than a few weeks without one.

Bears offensive line holding penalties were by Kyle Long in the opener, James Daniels in Week 9 and Cody Whitehair in Week 11.

The Bears haven't had less than 13 for a season since before the turn of the millennium.

Earlier in the week when media members were allowed to speak with assistants, I pointed out to O-line coach Harry Hiestand how they've done well with this. And like any good coach he said they have to get better.

Bears fans should feel free to knock on wood now.


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