Shanahan on Seahawks rematch: "I’d love to get another chance at them."

San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan looks on during the third quarter against the Denver Broncos at Levi's StadiumPhoto: Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

Coach Kyle Shanahan Conference Call with Seattle Media

(On getting a win over the Broncos in the wake of Tony York’s passing) “It was huge. I mean, it was such a tragic thing that happened in the day before the game and it just felt so good because I knew how hard it was going to be for the Yorks, the parents especially, not coming to the game. Jed (York) came, which was very impressive. He definitely didn’t have to and we wanted more than anything to win that for them but it’s not something that you want to tell them or anything in case you don’t, but the fact that we ended up pulling it off and being able to at least present a ball to Jed at the end of the game and give him that moment – it would’ve been hard to do that if we didn’t win and I’m just very glad we won for that reason.”

(On getting the win as a team) “Any time you win, it helps and we played real good football in all three phases for the first half. We slowed down offensively in the second half but the defense kept going and played very strong, didn’t have any let-down and (offense) was able to finish it on the last drive. I thought it was a good team win and hopefully something that we can carry over to this week.”

(On playing an opponent twice in two weeks and what they can take away from the first game) “We’ve just got to play a lot better. Obviously, you can see what the score was. Turning it over and not getting any turnovers, we need to run the ball better and we need to stop their run better so it’s pretty much Football 101 in terms of why you win and why you lose so we need to do that stuff better. Playing a team twice in two weeks is a little different but it can be fun, too. Especially the way it went for us, it was a bad feeling for us and I’d love to get another chance at them. To be able to do that ten days later is something you’re excited about and you know scheme-wise, nothing’s really changing. It’s about going out there and playing football and this happened to me a couple of years ago. 2015, I think, we played Carolina in Atlanta and got shut out and we had to play them ten days later. It was their 16-0 year and we were able to beat them two weeks later and give them their only loss. I’ve done it once and that was a good feeling but it is a little unusual.”

(On George Kittle) “The most impressive thing is what he’s been doing after the catch. I think he’s having such a good year because he’s been able to stay healthy. I mean, he has been banged up, especially through the middle of the year, but he was able to play through it and still play at a high level, which he struggled with last year. He’s been taking care of his body great. He hasn’t slowed down and the aggressiveness he’s doing once he gets the ball in his hands is – we get the ball to him quite a bit but the reason that it’s a different year and a special year is because of what he’s doing after the catch, which is all him just being aggressive and making plays.”

(On Dante Pettis) “He’s finally healthy, and he hasn’t been healthy all year. He kind of came into the year banged up and we had to shut him down for a month and then when he came back, it took him a while to get back into the groove. We lost (Marquise Goodwin) the day before the game at Tampa so that was the first time Dante got thrown out there a lot. We didn’t have enough guys to sub him or anything. We just had to throw him into the fire and he had to play the whole game and he got better as the game went and had some good plays in that game but then he carried it over to Seattle, where he had a couple good plays again. We gave him the same situation last week versus Denver. The main thing is getting more opportunities because he’s healthy and by no means has he been perfect, but he’s doing some good things and hopefully he can continue to get better.”