RB Matt Breida: "I just want to go out there and play football and win."

San Francisco 49ers running back Matt Breida (22) catches a touchdown pass against New York Giants outside linebacker Alec Ogletree (52) during the third quarter at Levi's Stadium.Photo: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

49ers RB Matt Breida Postgame vs Giants

It seemed like you got off to a really good start. Did you feel like since you got a little extra rest that you were healthier than you’ve been?

“It definitely helped. It’s still not anywhere near where I want to be, but it definitely helped. Hopefully this bye week will get me back to where I was before.”

What do you guys need to do on these late game drives to win these games?

“We just have to finish on both sides of the ball. As an offense, I feel like we have to score and as a defense, I feel like we have to stop them. So, it’s no one person’s fault, it’s the whole teams. We just have to come back, grind and put everything together.”

Did you get any extra motivation because New York Giants RB Saquon Barkley was your opponent today and just how much focus was on him and how well he’s been doing?

“No, honestly I don’t pay attention to other players much. I just want to go out there and play football and win, at the end of the day. He’s a great player, but my goal wasn’t to go out there and play just because he was playing. I wanted to win.”