[Listen] Head Coach Kyle Shanahan: "We’re going to try and get better."

Audio: Head Coach Kyle Shanahan Press Conference – September 12, 2018

What was the thought process on LB Brock Coyle? Why IR for him?

One, he had the concussion, and then, two, he broke a bone in his back. I know thats very scary always, but it was a T-4 compression fracture. Six weeks until he can have contact again. He will recover at some time this year, but we know its going to be at least six weeks before he can have a chance to play football.

Do you have an update on OL Mike Person and G Joshua Garnett?

Yeah, theyre still questionable. They wont practice today. But, theyll be day-to-day. Hopefully, theyll have a chance this Sunday.

How about WR Marquise Goodwin?

Goodwin, same thing. Hes not practicing today. Hes in that same boat. Just to go through all of those; Brock to IR, weve got Garnett, Person, Goodwin and [LB] Malcolm [Smith] are all in the same boat. None of them are going to practice. Theyll all be questionable for the game. [OL Erik] Magnusons the only guy who didnt play last week who well try him out in indy today.

The pick-six, obviously the receiver ran a different route than QB Jimmy Garoppolo was expecting, but do you want him to throw that pass, even if WR Kendrick Bourne was coming back for the ball? Is that the right thing to do in that situation?

Yeah, no doubt. Its what you have to do. When youre hot and theres an unblocked guy right in your face, youve got to get it out of your hands right away. Thats our hot route. You dont have time to sit and look to see if theyre running the right route. You have to let it rip and trust the guy is going to do it.

What has been his demeanor these last few days in terms of how he is dealing with teammates? Is he trying to hold them more accountable? Is he speaking up more? Is there any difference?



No, its been the exact same. Id be disappointed if it was different. Jimmy tries his hardest every week. I know he didnt have his best game last week, but he doesnt need to come in here and make stuff up. Hes had some successful games in this league. Hes going to have plenty more. He just needs to get back to work. He went against a good defense, they made some good plays and we missed some. Thats what it was and now were ready to do better this week.

Did Bourne miss a side adjustment on that play?

No. Its not a side adjustment, just the route he was supposed to run. He was supposed to run a five-yard in. Instead, he ran a five-yard stop. We call it the five-yard in and under route. Instead, he ran a thunder route.

Did you watch the early Monday game?

Yeah, I did. Once I got it on our computers early Tuesday. It got out of hand pretty fast, so there wasnt a lot to watch.

You saw the way it started. For a quarterback in his first throw to turn that around, its pretty impressive, isnt it?

Yeah, it was. He had a lot of help, too. That game got out of hand pretty fast in the third quarter, but it definitely wasnt like the score. That was a 17-17 game on the Jets opening possession going in and they score, make it 24-17 with I think 10 minutes left in the third quarter. The next time they see the ball, its three minutes later and its 37-17. The Detroit defense hasnt been on the field, so it was followed by a pick-six followed by a punt return and then followed by another interception that got them the ball on the 10. So, within three-and-a-half minutes, the game was over. Then, it was a quarter-and-a-half of just watching four-minute drill. I know that was frustrating for them, but to think that it was as bad as that score was, it wasnt. Thats what happens when a team has five interceptions, one returned for a touchdown. They gave up two punt returns, one for a touchdown, the other one into the strike zone. Its going to get out of hand fast when it was a lot tighter than that.

I know you talked about this on Monday, but going back to the red zone stuff in Minnesota, do you feel like you have to overhaul your plan when you get down there or was it just something where they execute a little bit better and were not talking about the red zone this week?

I think you guys could look at it. We fumbled on the one-yard line on second-and-goal from the one. [WR Pierre Garçon] P had a chance to make a pretty good play going up for it there in the end zone, which would have been a tough one. Then, we missed a throw to [TE George] Kittle at the end of the end zone. So, I think if we make all three of those, which were very more than capable of making the higher percentage of the time than not, then we had a great day in the red zone. Thats the entire NFL. It gets tougher down there, and when you have an opportunity and you miss it you will not have a good day in the red zone. Not going to reinvent the wheel, but were going to try and get better at that stuff.

With Goodwins situation, will you be relying more on WR Dante Pettis? What do you expect from him now leading into Week 2 after his performance, having to step up?

Just for us not to miss a beat. He got thrown in there right away because we lost Quise pretty early. I thought he did a fairly good job, and he gave us a chance at times to win that game. I expect him to be better this week. It was his first game as a pro. Hes been great since hes been here. I think he got thrown into the fire there. We knew he was going to play a lot, but he got thrown into the fire a little bit more than expected. Were still not sure about Quise this week, but I know Dante will be ready.

If neither of your two guards are ready, is the plan to move T Mike McGlinchey back there again?

I dont know. Well see as this week goes. We know thats an option. We found out that was an option last week. Weve got two other tackles on our roster, too, so that gives us some leeway. Were still not sure exactly about Garnett and Person. Theyre going to be questionable all week. Magnuson is coming back, who is just going individual today so hell be questionable. Then, we took [OL Najee] Toran off of practice squad. Theres a lot of possibilities that depends on how people look in practice and also who is capable of going just based off of health.

The other day, you were able to kind of jumpstart things by going to tempo a little bit at the beginning of the game. How do you kind of balance between, Okay, we want to jumpstart the offense, but also, we want to make sure our defense gets a breather?

Its just a gut feel. That wasnt planned or anything. Youve just got to play and you feel it and go. Sometimes that works out, and sometimes its the worst idea possible because very quickly good things can happen and very quickly bad things can happen. So, its just something that you try to dabble in, keep people off-balance. But, its just like anything. If defenses know what youre doing and you commit to whatever and you dont keep them off-balance theyll stop that. We go in and out of it.

Did you sign LB Terence Garvin to be the outside guy or can he do both?

Mainly because we need a lot of flexibility right now, especially with Brock going on IR. Its going to put a lot more pressure on [LB] Fred [Warner], who already took that last week. [LB] Elijah [Lee], who stepped in. Were still not sure about Malcolm this week. We brought in Garvin, who has a lot of experience in the system. He played outside backer for Seattle. Ive played against him a couple times, and he has some inside backer experience. So, hes got the versatility there to help on all three. Hes also a good special teams player, so we were very fortunate that he was available for us.

Jimmy doesnt seem to be a guy who likes to throw the ball away, out of bounds or in the dirt. As the play caller, would you rather he does that sometimes or do you like the fact that hes always pushing, always trying to turn nothing into something?

I have mixed emotions about it. Guys make plays. When you get happy with guys who are making plays you cant sit there and get mad at them every time that they dont. That will handcuff them and thats speaking out of both sides of my mouth as a coach. So, Jimmy has made a lot of plays when nothing has been there and my whole thing with that stuff is just about not guessing. If you see something, I always want a guy to see something, react, let it rip and dont hesitate. If you make a mistake, just be able to understand why you did, be able to articulate it and well see it on the tape and then well learn why we dont make that again. I dont want guys just saying, I need to make a play, and then throw the ball up, yell 500 as they let it go and hope someone comes down with it. But, the game happens fast and he has a very good way of seeing the field. Hes got a quick release and thats why he can make some things happen. Just like all players who do that, like Ive said for a while, when you do that type of stuff, it happened with [Detroit Lions QB Matthew] Stafford two days ago, you can end up having a bad pick game.

On the off-schedule touchdown to Pettis, obviously its off-schedule, but does Jimmy have a sense of where Pettis is going to go when the play breaks down like that?

Theres grey rules because its organized chaos. I mean, it depends on where people ended up on the play. Id love to say every time you have a scramble or an off-schedule play that this guy goes here, this guy goes there. But, what play did we call? Whatever you say, these guys could all be over there. So, they have to distribute the field with some people coming back to him, some people going deep. Weve got a lot of rules with that. Its five eligibles moving together and playing off of each other, but they cant all go to the same spot. So, thats stuff that youve got to work on.

When you drafted Kittle last year, did you expect him to do what hes doing or is there anything over his evolution that pleasantly surprised you?

No, he was one of the top tight ends that we had in the draft and we had to go a different direction earlier. We were really disappointed earlier with some of the way things went down in the draft and we thought that there was no way that we were going to get him. Then when he was there in the fifth round, we were shocked and we were extremely happy. We brought him in here because we thought he was a very good passing tight end and hes also a very good blocking tight end. So, he helps us a lot.

You talk about wanting a quarterback to see things and not hesitate when it comes to making plays. Do you appreciate that about Matthew Stafford?

Yeah, I appreciate that about all of the top guys. I like guys who arent scared to fail. Theyre going to let it rip. Theyre not going to just guess and gamble, but theyre trying to win the game and they try to see stuff and they try to let it rip. You do the best you can and then you live with the consequences. What you dont want is someone who isnt sure and theyre scared to get blamed so they sit there and take a sack. Its really hard to win when you have that unless you depend on everyone else. So, you always want a quarterback who believes in himself, has the confidence to do it and isnt scared of the result if it doesnt work.