Video: Head Coach Kyle Shanahan and QB Jimmy Garoppolo 8/21/18

Kyle Shanahan and Jimmy Garoppolo Preseason Week 3 Press Conferences

Head Coach Kyle Shanahan

Do you subscribe to the dress rehearsal mantra of the third preseason game?

Yeah, I do. To a degree. I think its very important that players, coaches, everyone, we are creatures of habit, and preseason were all over the place. But, you want them to get into that routine to where all seven days are all kind of Groundhog Day over and over. So, you want them to know what theyre going to expect Week 1. So, we try to go through that routine. Today is I believe our 16th practice. We want more. We cant just sit here and totally focus on Indy and everything. Weve got to worry about ourselves a lot more than you normally would in a regular week. So, weve got to do things that help us, not just worry about the rehearsal.

Is keeping four running backs a possibility?

Yeah. Definitely its a possibility. Going extra at a number of positions is a possibility. We definitely think theres four running backs on our roster that we like. We have that at a lot of positions and stuff, and thats why its going to be tough to get to this 53.

As they weed things out, are you sure what a legal tackle is right now?

Thats the hard thing. I know what I think is a legal tackle. Then, I know what the new rule articulates with the words so then it makes it hard to figure out how much were following that exactly and how much were not. I think thats what everyone is in between, trying to figure out. I dont think people know that exactly yet.

Are you still kind of feeling it out during this exhibition season right now? The evaluation of the officials and what gets called and what doesnt get called?

Yeah, I think we all know the language and how to read it and what it says. Then, were all seeing how its being called. Were all still figuring out what its going to be.

Do you have any personal thoughts on the pros and cons of rule and how it gets enforced and what it means to the big picture of the game?

I think I will eventually. I think everyone knows its an issue right now. Im hoping that people get it figured it out.

Whats QB C.J. Beathards update?

C.J.s not practicing today. He definitely is trying to, but he does have a foot sprain. So, were resting him. We think it will help him for tomorrow. Well see how he comes in tomorrow. Hes day-to-day as of now.

Is DL Solomon Thomas still in the concussion protocol?

Yes. Him and [T Garry] Gilliam are both in the same stage. Theyve been cleared to have no contact, but they can go out there and do individual and stuff as long as theyre out of contact. If they pass that stuff today, hopefully they can take the next step tomorrow.

Whats been your impression of the teams pass blocking through the first two preseason games?

Up and down. I think we did a fairly good job with the ones in there. I dont remember too many hits [QB] Jimmy [Garoppolo] has had. I think the twos and threes, its been both. We havent been perfect by any means, but in terms of the preseason, Ive been happy with it, relatively speaking.

Would you be hesitant to play C.J. Saturday then if hes not practicing this week?

No. I would never be hesitant to play him if he didnt practice. But, I would be if he couldnt protect himself or it could threaten him after. I want C.J. to get as many reps as we think is smart because youre hoping he doesnt get many in the season.

Is your plan then to have Jimmy just go kind of into the second quarter and then turn it over to C.J. or QB Nick Mullens?

Yeah. Usually in the third preseason game, you try to keep your ones out there for a whole half. Thats usually our standard philosophy. Well see how our guys are. Well see how the game goes. It could be less than a half. It could be into the third quarter. Well see.

What have you seen out of Nick in these two exhibitions and how well he has performed?

I think hes done what everyone has expected him to do. I think hes been very similar in the games as hes been in practice. Nicks a good football player. When hes had his opportunities, hes shown the game is not too big for him. Its similar to how he looks in practice each day, also.

What was the transition like for him, college to NFL, just the difference in systems seemed like it was pretty steep?

Yes. He learned a lot more in terms of that he had to. They were a more spread system. He was doing a lot of spread-out stuff. He was running the zone-read and things and throwing bubbles a lot. Thats not a huge part of your offense. Theres just a lot more stuff to learn to go into it. Nick is a very smart person who works at everything. I think he enjoyed it all because its fun when you get to learn stuff. The more he learns, the better he gets. He is a very A-type personality who is going to learn everything inside and out and thats whats given him a chance to succeed in this league.

How would you evaluate the pass rush so far in camp and what are you looking for here in the last few weeks before the season starts?

I always want it to get better. I wish the quarterback got hit every single play, on the other team. It makes everyones job a lot easier. So, were going to always challenge that. Were never going to be satisfied with it. I hope it can get improved this week and next week. But, the main thing is I hope its getting better in the season.

Why is the fullback so important in your offense?

Just because I feel like when a fullback is in there, if you want to run the ball you can and the defense knows that, even if they want to do certain things. You have the right type of blockers and the numbers to where you can dictate how the game goes. I think defenses know that, so it limits a lot of stuff they do. The negative can be you can have a fullback in all the time and they know youre in two-back all the time theres only a couple of eligibles they have to worry about so its a lot easier to cover people. But, thats the advantage with someone like ours that just because our fullback is in, you dont know whether were in two-back or one-back, which I think puts pressure on defenses.

How has FB Kyle Juszczyk progressed since hes been here? Has there been a feeling out for you two in ways that you are more comfortable using him than you were initially?

I think Kyles been better than I hoped for. Kyle was someone we were going to get. We thought he was the best fullback in the league and we were going to go get whatever that market dictated. I know we had to compete with a few other teams, but we thought he was going to be very important. That doesnt mean that you just go do that always. Theres not many fullbacks like that. But, you adjust to what you think you can get, what your personnel is. Getting Kyle here, its been everything we hoped for. I think some people thought maybe he was going to lead the team in stats and things like that. If he was, he wouldnt be a fullback. He would be treated like a second halfback or a second tight end. He is a fullback because hes a very good blocker, which makes defenses honor that. But, the versatility, how smart he is that he can go out and catch passes and he can line up anywhere without a ton of reps, that allows us to do anything we want out of two backs.

A lot of teams run outside zone without a fullback. What does the fullback add to that play in particular?

If you run outside zone without a fullback, you cant stop a pressure. You cant stop a strong safety blitz. You cant stop it when they bring more than you can block. Now, youve got to bring the receivers all into it and put them on certain people. When the fullback is in the game, the receivers can stay out wide and stay on the corners and a fullback can take care of the safeties.

TE Garrett Celek has survived a lot of turnover around here. What qualities does he have that makes coaches say, I want you?

First, hes a good player. I remember studying him a few years ago when we thought he was going to be a free agent. He was someone I wanted to target when we were in Atlanta. I think he ended up signing here before he became a free agent. So, I mean his tapes always been good. Hes got a skill set. Hes got size. He can block. He can do most of the routes. Then, the type of guy he is. Hes smart enough to learn any scheme. Hes reliable, doesnt mess up very much. It always starts with the talent, but then it goes to the person and hes a guy you know what youre going to get every single day.

Are there nuances that makes WR Trent Taylors game different from WR Richie James Jr.s game, other than being slot receivers that are small and quick?

You can go to like weight and strength or 40 times and things like that to go over the slight differences and stuff. Theyre used in very similar ways. I think you look at them both as slot receivers. But, I do think both of them have the ability to do other stuff, which makes them versatile. Weve got other guys to do some other stuff, too, so it all just depends on how it plays out for our whole group and who makes the team, who is up. Theres lots of different skill sets that we can use. Thats why Ive been happy with our group that weve got a lot of guys that we can do different things with. But, thats what makes it a real hard decision.

Coming back to the helmet rule, its a very controversial topic right now. Do you feel its taking away focus from the actual sport in any way?

I dont know. That depends what everyones focused on outside of here. I dont think Im the right person to answer that question. I know its an issue. Everyone does.

There was a report that when free agency began from the NFL Network about you guys possibly wanting S Eric Reid on a one-year, minimum deal. Is that true? Is that offer still on the table? Is that something youre still thinking about at this point as we get ready for the regular season?

Yeah, I think I said what I said then and Ill say it forever. If any really good player wants to come in here on a minimum deal and have a good player to be a backup, thatd be unbelievable. I dont think thats what Eric wants. I told you the reason we decided to go that direction is because we made a tough decision, but we had to do it. We went with [S Jaquiski] Tartt. We thought that was the right way to go. You cant give a lot of money to backups, and thats what he would be if he came here. But, I like Eric. Eric is a good player, hes a good person. Thatd be great if we could add him to that role. I dont think he would be that interested in it.

Going back to Atlanta from a few questions ago, how much of the success that you had there has sort of created a baseline for what youre trying to build here now that were a little bit further down the tracks of this?

Not much. I mean, Ive been enough places and had to do a bunch of different things to where I dont look at it that way. Theres so many different ways you can do things. You look at your team when you get somewhere. You look at whats available in free agency, draft and trades. Then, you figure out what your final 53 is. You think of how people separate, how you run the ball, what your quarterback is good at. You just do the best you can to help those guys out. Theres no, Alright, weve got to get this guy to look like that guy. Theres always preferences. One day, were going to have 10 [Atlanta Falcons WR] Julio Jones out there and one great quarterback throwing it to him. Thats never going to happen. You balance it out and you try to make the best of what youve got. You try to get the best skill sets that are available.

On Saturday, was that the best that DL D.J. Jones has looked to you out of practice or a game in his year-plus?

I know he made a lot of plays out there. I think D.J,s had times like that. I think he had times like that last year. I think hes had times like that this year. I think its been mainly in practice. I think guys go up and down throughout camp as they come out fresh and in shape. Then, they get worn down a little bit. I think everyone goes through that, that fluctuation throughout camp. I thought D.J. started to get his legs back a lot more, had a good week of practice, did well in the game. Im excited to see if hes going to be better or worse this week.

Hes lighter. I know hes really strong. Has he been able to maintain that strength on film?

Yeah. When youre lighter, if you see a guy getting pushed around more and stuff then obviously its a disadvantage. But, usually when guys just focus on eating right, lifting and working as hard as they can and being in shape, usually yeah you get lighter. But, thats the way youre supposed to be. Now youre more athletic, youre actually stronger, youre more powerful, you can move your feet better. Not always that number going down means you really got smaller, if that makes sense. That means youre the healthiest, most powerful you can be. As that number goes down, now you dont have the same strength, now to me, youve gone too light. I havent seen that with D.J. Its improved him.

A lot of people talk about fullback being a dying position. Theres a long history of it here. Does it mean something to you to add to that history, to uphold that history?

No. That stuff never means anything to me. I respect history a lot and I respect football a ton, but Im just trying to do whatever we think gives us the best chance to win. I think a fullback helps. I always would like to have a fullback on the roster. If you cant find one that you think is great, then well do something else. Its not like, No, we have to do this. You do stuff because you think it helps. People always want to say our offense is running bootlegs and stuff. We run bootlegs if the defense were playing is run a certain way. There will be games that we dont do it. Therere no absolutes. We just try to understand the best way to help people be successful and you just try to do it.

As far as last week, was that too quick a turnaround for RB Alfred Morris?

Yeah, he wanted to go and we could have thrown him in, but theres only so many handoffs you can give people. He had two practices this year and if it would have played out differently, we would have put him in. But, we wanted to take a look at the other guys. I thought we gave [RB] Jeremy [McNichols] a really good look. I think Alf is a little more ready this week, which is fair to him, and I plan on him getting more looks this week than he did last week.

QB Jimmy Garoppolo

Do you buy into the dress rehearsal mantra of the third preseason game?

Do I buy into it? Yeah, I think its good for us. The routine is obviously different than training camp. So, to get used to that and get our minds thinking that way, I think its good.

What do you hope to get out of Saturdays first half and what do you need to work on?

Theres plenty of things for us to improve on. First, weve got to go through a good week here. I think its good that were starting to do a little game planning and put things together and see how the walk-throughs tie into the practice which ties into the game. Its all working together.

After the game, head coach Kyle Shanahan was fairly critical of you guys, the first-string offense, even though you moved the ball pretty well. Were you at all surprised by what he said to us, to the media after the game?

No, I wouldnt say I was surprised. I felt similarly. There were just sloppy things at times. There were some good things that we took out of the game, but we hold ourselves to a high standard. We are trying to be perfect on everything and I think its good to have that mindset.

What did you see that was sloppy?

I threw the ball high to [WR] Dante [Pettis]. Obviously, you never want to turn the ball over like that. Theres plenty of stuff though.

He said that one of the things that theyve been working hard on you with is going through the progressions. Is that in terms of the scheme and learning where guys are supposed to be?

Yeah, just trusting that youre looking over here but you know whats going on on the backside and how it all is going to play out without even see it. The more reps I get at it, its different than the offense I came from. So, just learning all of that stuff.

What do you like about playing with a fullback?

I like [FB Kyle Juszczyk] Juice, hes a good guy, so that helps. I think its tough for a defense. Its looks that they dont see very often compared to the 11-personnel and things like that. So it keeps them on their toes, I guess.

I see you and Juice talking a lot during practice and during the game. What do you like about playing with him?

Smart football player. He is obviously a Harvard guy so Im sure that plays some type of role in it, but hes not your average fullback. He talks the same language as me, even if its just routes or how he sees the coverage and how I see the coverage. Its good to talk that way.

Is that throw to Juice one of the ones youre talking about, things happening on the backside of the play? You eventually got there, but does Kyle want you to get to that progression sooner?

Yeah, theres a timing to each play so every play is different. But, when its a shorter one like that, its how quickly can you realize that one guy is covered and get to your next option or your third, fourth, whatever it is. Every play kind of has its own unique parts to it, I guess.

Is that a touchdown if you hit him a half second sooner than you did?

Yeah, he has a better chance. Yeah, its just little things like that.

Where was he in your progression on that particular play?

All the way on the other side of the field.

So, is that the fourth option?

Yeah, he was late in the progression.

Is that a credit to the offensive line being able to give you that time to find him eventually?

Yeah, theyve been doing great, those guys. Weve been mixing and matching a little bit and I think all of the units play well. Ive barely gotten touched so far. Its pretty nice.

Were mostly through camp. Its the first camp where youve ever been installed as you are the starting quarterback of this franchise. How has this camp been different for you as its progressed?

More reps obviously than I was used to. But, its been good. We came in with a good mindset from the get go and guys got off to a fast start. I think its transferred over to the preseason games. We just want to keep it rolling right now.

The reps are obviously the number one thing thats changed from anything youve ever been in before?

Yeah, it comes with the territory, I guess.

What can you tell us about QB Nick Mullens and what kind of quarterback he is like in the room and on the field?

Very smart. The guy likes to put in a lot of time. He comes in early, stays late. Its a credit to him. Hes been putting in the time and everything and good things have happened.

Youve been around CB Richard Sherman for a while now, having this offseason. I know all of you guys are competitive. Is there something different about his mentality than maybe other guys that youve come across in your career?

You meet a lot of people that have similar traits, but I think the one main thing about him is his confidence. No matter what happens, hes always confident. You like to see that, especially out of a corner. Its a position where you know at some point youre going to get beat and its just how do you respond after that. Sherm has a great mindset and it shows why hes been doing it for so long.

What do you think has been the biggest jump for WR Marquise Goodwin? It seems as if hes kind of figured out the wide receiver position now when he was just a track guy in the past.

Since Ive been here, Ive heard the same thing as what you just said, but since Ive been here hes been phenomenal for me. He has a knack for getting open. His speed scares people. Its a tough cover for guys. So, I dont know, do you want to play zone against him? Do you want to play man? Its kind of pick your poison.

When did you start feeling the chemistry there? Obviously, quarterbacks and receivers are going to develop something there. Was that immediate? Did it take a little bit? We kind of saw it at the end of last year.

It happened pretty quick actually. Quise was one of the first guys that introduced himself to me last year and I think we have similar personalities so we kind of clicked right away. On the field obviously, good things happened last year. Its nice having a guy like that who, hes consistent, you know exactly what youre going to get every day and it makes the quarterback job a lot easier.

He had to leave the game a couple of times last year. When he does, when he is out of the game, do you see an immediate reaction by the defense, by the secondary?

Not so much. I think we have a lot of good weapons on offense, whatever position youre talking about, receiver, tight end, running back. I think it stresses the defenses in a lot of different ways so with the new additions this year, its only helped us.

You talked about Juszczyk mind for the game. What makes him a weapon physically?

Like I said before, hes not your average fullback. Hes more agile, he can run routes from the backfield, he can run routes split out. Thats a rare thing to find in a fullback. So, and he has good hands on top of all of that. Its just a unique position that hes in and he takes advantage of it.

Do you think theres some sort of evolution there that is keeping fullbacks, people talk about fullbacks are dying and all of that, but having a guy like that who does more things, do you think more guys will see that thats what they need to be if they want to play that position?

Possibly. To be a fullback though, you still have to be able to run lead and hit a linebacker right in the mouth. So, you kind of have to have all of that in one.

Before you got here, had you heard of TE Garrett Celek?


You had a working knowledge, okay. He survived a lot of coaches and just turnover here. What is it about him? Hes unheralded, he wasnt drafted. What is it about him that has made him survive a long time in the NFL?

Kind of like what I said about Quise, hes very consistent. Being in the league for that long, you either get it or you dont get it by that point. Celek obviously got it early on. Hes consistent every day, comes in early, stays late. You put in the time, good things will happen. If you work hard, good things will happen.