Richard Sherman: "Today I think our guys fought as hard as they could"

49ers CB Richard Sherman Postgame vs Giants

What seemed to be the problem for this team?

“I don’t know. We had them at third-and-15. We made some good plays. We stayed in position like we were supposed to be. It’s unfortunate with these series of events that went on at third-and-fifteen and then the next plays. You just try to do your job and hope that guys let them play and they didn’t let them play today.”

You had a talk with 49ers CB Ahkello Witherspoon after the touchdown. What did you say to him?

“Well, it was a coverage bust. He played it like he was supposed to play it. It was a good call, it should have been a good play and in two-man you have to play it like he played it. When you play two-man, you play two-man and he played two-man. It was unfortunate the way the call came in and we didn’t get the right guys on the field and it was just kind of a cluster.”

We saw him throw his hands in the air--?

“You shouldn’t ever do that. That is like a cardinal rule in football. He is frustrated because it is two-man and you are expecting guys to be where they are supposed to be and we didn’t get the personnel in that we needed to on the field.”

Richard, you have been on teams that know how to do those little things that help you win. This team is trying to learn how to do those little things. How does that come about?

“It just comes with practice. It comes with executing in practice situations. It is knowing that when you are tired, exhausted and practice is on the line, it’s the last period and being able to compete. We do a lot of competition periods in practice but it is early on. It is before guys legs get tired and guys get exhausted, so it is one of those things that just comes with time. It’s a young team with young guys. Today I think our guys fought as hard as they could and we just didn’t get the benefit of the whistle.”