Richard Sherman Praises Continued Growth of Young Players on Defense

Richard Sherman Postgame Press Conference vs Bears

Sherman praised the defense’s performance in Week 16 and spoke about the scuffle that led to his ejection.

What did you see on the interception by CB K’Waun Williams that was called back on the penalty on LB Fred Warner?

“Honestly, we were all covering. So, I couldn’t see. I saw K’Waun had good coverage. We covered them up pretty good. I didn’t see where the hold happened because I was guarding my mine. So, I have to go see the film. But, it was unfortunate. We were playing really good football. That would’ve been a huge play in the game. Unfortunately, we didn’t get it. We gave them a lot of plays on that drive. I think today, defensively, we played incredibly stout. We gave up a few plays here and there where they made plays, and you’ve got to give them credit. I think for the most part, we contained them. I don’t think they ran the ball very well. I think we limited the explosives. We gave them a few on scramble drills. But, that’s what [Chicago Bears QB Mitchell] Trubisky does. He gets around just like [Seattle Seahawks QB] Russell [Wilson] does. He gets to open spots and finds guys. But overall, I think we played on of our best games. We lost and they scored 14 points. We had a few turnovers, thank goodness. We were getting the ball, and we would’ve got it a few more times. But, I was proud of our effort.”

Head coach Kyle Shanahan was just saying that he was impressed with what you guys did today. But, over the last few weeks as a defense, as you’ve come together, from your perspective, why do you think that is?

“I promise you, it’s just guys playing sound. [S] Marcell Harris coming in there, when you don’t know too much, then you just know enough to be lined up, get in your spots and do what you’re coached to do. Sometimes, over time, you feel like, ‘Hey man, I know where I’m supposed to be but I can help this guy. I can help this guy.’ I think we’ve gotten to the point where guys are playing comfortable, they know their assignments and they’re sticking to them. The D-Line is playing out of their mind. [DL] Cassius Marsh had two sacks today. [DL DeForest Buckner] DeFo had his 12th. They pressured him a lot more than that. I think guys are playing in spots where they’re more comfortable. I think [DL Solomon Thomas] Solly’s playing a spot where he’s more comfortable and causing a lot more disruption. [DL] Arik Armstead is causing a lot of disruption. In the back end, guys are just stepping up. Marcell Harris deserves a ton of credit. I think he’s going to be in the mix to be a starting player next year. I don’t call the depth chart, but it appears to me that he’s playing good football. These aren’t like scrub teams. These are playoff teams. This team was 10-4 and we had a chance to win this ball game. We played Denver when they were in the playoff chase. We played Seattle, they’re fighting for a playoff spot. These games, it wasn’t like these guys were laying down. These guys are playing good football. So, I’m proud of them. K’Waun played one of his best games that I’ve ever seen him play. Unfortunately, he went down late. [DB] Tarvarius [Moore], obviously, played really well and gave up the catch at the end. But, made up for it by punching the ball out. Very heady play for a young kid. Fred has been all over the place the whole time, honestly, the whole season.”