Jimmy Garoppolo, DeForest Buckner, and Richard Sherman Postgame Interviews

Jimmy Garoppolo, Richard Sherman, and DeForest Buckner at the podium following Week 1 vs Vikings

49ers Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo

Q: How did things feel out there? How did things go?

A: They are a talented group, we knew that coming in to it. We knew it was going to be a tough challenge with the environment, going against a good team and they stood up to everything we thought they would. With all the things that went bad, we still had a shot at the end there. Its a tough way to end it.

Q: This is your first loss as a starter, what in your mind do you need to do to bounce back and help the team bounce back?

A: I think we have a good locker room in there, we have a good mindset, every person in there has the right mindset of what we have to do. Its a long season, you cant let one week bounce into the next week. After we watch the film and everything, we got to move on.

Q: You were able to come out on top during a lot of close games last season, was it different at all not getting the win this time?

A: Yeah, obviously. You never want to lose, it sucks. But like I said before, we got a good group in there. I think we have the right mindset of coming in tomorrow, watching film and bouncing back for next week.

Q: Can you talk about the offensive line changes?

A: It was a weird series of events. We had a couple of guys go down in different positions. That O-line, when you lose two guards like that, it makes things difficult. I give Mike [McGlinchey] credit, I dont know if hes ever played guard before and we had to put him in there. His first NFL game having to play tackle and guardthats a hell of a first game.

Q: On the touchdown to Dante Pettis, you escaped the pocket and threw it to an empty spot. Can you take us through that play?

A: I thought Dante, first of all, played great the whole day. For it being his first NFL game, I thought he played really well and stepped up. On that play, it was kind of a broken play, but Dante found the open area, and he is a smart athlete, he goes to where the ball takes him and made a tremendous catch on it.

49ers Defensive Lineman DeForest Buckner

Q: How do you feel about the O line offense today?

A: I think we played alright today. We have to clean up a lot of stuff on defense, especially tackling, missed a lot of tackles, made some mistakes on defense too. We just have to stay more disciplined.

Q: Did you feel at all that your offense was strong?

A: I definitely think that we all played with extreme effort. Second half we started playing a lot better, first half we started a little slow. There were key moments where we three-and-outs to get the ball back to the offense, so I thought we did really well on those parts.

Q: Whats different about this game this year compared to last year?

A: Nothings different. Im just a lot more comfortable in the position Im in, and also the coaches are putting me in positions for me to succeed and Im taking advantage of that every chance I get.

Q: Do you like moving around the line?

A: Yes, most definitely. Its a nice change up for a bunch of linemen, the offensive line. It gives me more opportunity to perfect my craft.

Q: The offensive commits four turnovers, and you only lose by one score, is there a silver lining you can take away from this?

A: Definitely, also on the defense side, I know we had one turnover, we have to get more too. That comes with attacking the ball more and being more violent. We missed some opportunities out there to bring our offensive in to better position.

Q: You mentioned the turnover, the one that Fred [Warner] forced, whats it like getting calls from him in the huddle, and how do you think he handled it?

A: Fred did an amazing job today. He really communicated well with everybody, got the plays off quick. Gave us some really good close calls, for his first game he played very well.

Q: There was a touchdown throw, you almost hand your hand on it.

A: Yeah, I knew it was going to be a quick drop, so I just tried to get in front of his face and get in front of his hand before he let it out, and he barely had it over my hand. It was very disappointing.

Q: Did he [Kirk Cousins] impress you? Was he more than you expected?

A: He was kind of what I expected, going against him last year when he was with the Redskins, I knew he was going to be shifty in the pocket, and the D-Line had to do a good job to keep him in the pocket instead of letting him make plays on the line.

49ers Cornerback Richard Sherman

Q: What happened with Jaquiski Tartt on the touchdown pass where he didnt turn his head around at all?

A: It was one of those plays where he was in position and the receiver made a good play, it happens. You got to put yourself in a better position but you need to move forward, move on, and get ready for the next play; and thats what he did. I think he did great after that play. He played sound, but we just gave up too many mistakes. There were too many mental mistakes early and we cant do that.

Q: How do you feel the defense did overall?

A: We had our moments, there were a few plays that we would like to have back obviously. I think we played sound in moments, but I think we took too long to get comfortable out there. There were moments where we could have been sounder and more disciplined in order to get off the field. There was a third and long where we let Kirk Cousins run for it, and we have to have that. Those are plays that we covered and weve executed the play but we have to get off the field and they had a couple of those. Hats off to Kirk [Cousins] for being ingenuitive and making a play. But those are things we need to learn in the future and well be better for.

Q: How do you feel you progressed physically during the game?

A: I felt fine, I feel fine. Its a mental game just as much as its a physical game, and the concepts they were running were relatively simple. I put myself in a position to be successful; a lot of times I took my risks here and there where I had the opportunity to figure the plays out.

Q: Do some of the other guys come up to you after plays that maybe they missed and talk to you about what they can do?

A: Not necessarily, they kind of just sit on the bench and go over their adjustments and get their corrections and then I give them my two cents.

Q: There was a lot of hype around this game as the start of the Kirk Cousins era here, what did you think about him? Was he what you expected?

A: Well, hes been playing in the league since I was basically a rookie. So hes what he has always been. Hes very efficient, he doesnt make many mistakes, hes poised, he doesnt get rowdy, and he doesnt necessarily take many sacks. Today was kind of odd in that regard, because he took a couple. But hes accurate and hes a good quarterback.

Q: How was Fred Warner giving out the signals in the huddle and overall just his first game?

A: Hes fine. Middle linebacker is one of the toughest positions to come in as a rookie and play and be effective. I think he did an admirable job.