George Kittle: ‘The Fact that we Got a Win is All I Care About’

The 49ers tight end reflected on his record-breaking performance and gave the play-by-play for his 85-yard touchdown.

Did you know during the game how close you were to setting the single-game receiving record?

“Four yards. Halfway through the fourth quarter someone told me that. I was like, ‘Oh really, that would be fun.’ Next time.”

You had a lot of big catches. On the big one, the 85-yard touchdown, can you give us your thinking as it’s happening?

“On the play I’m supposed to sell an insert run play. We ran it two times before that with an actual run. The backs were blitzing through and everyone was crashing down, so there really wasn’t a hole to run through. I just ran over the ball and kind of just dropped in. It’s really fun, especially when you catch the ball and there’s nothing but green grass in front of you. It’s really fun because you just get to run. It was really fun.”

Was that a former NFL CB Deion Sanders thing you did there?

“He’s a guy that I know loves to play football, and he has the most fun playing it. So yes, a little bit.”

What happened in the second half? Was it a different kind of coverage or was it just not there for you?

“We won. That’s about all that matters.”

How well did San Francisco 49ers QB Nick Mullens play today?

“Nick got the ball where we needed to. Our offensive line gave him all the time that he needed against an incredible pass defense with [Denver Broncos LBs] Von Miller and Bradley Chubb. The fact that he could get the ball off, I think he played really well, especially on that last third down to [San Francisco 49ers WR] Dante Pettis. I was just very impressed with him.”

You and Nick have very good chemistry. Is that something you work extra on besides in regular practice?

“There are definitely certain routes that we work on in timing plays. That 85-yard one we hit that, we hit a lot of stuff in practice. Coach gives us a lot of opportunity to get those plays.”

You didn’t have a ton of catches at Iowa, but you’re playing very confidently. Where does that come from?

“All of the confidence is coaching that gives me opportunities. When you capitalize on those and you get the ball, it just builds confidence over time. That’s really all it is. The more opportunities you get and you capitalize on them, you start feeling it and start feeling good. Then you have a quarterback getting you the ball on time, that’s all that really matters. Confidence comes from that.”

Your coach said you run angry. Do you feel angry when you run?

“My tight ends coach always tells me that you have to make DBs catch you. So, on that first one, I wasn’t just going to let him go for my legs. You have to make people tackle you. So yes, you definitely have to play angry and play with the mindset that I’m not going to be tackled by you unless you want to tackle me.”