DB Adrian Colbert: "It was just a bad play on my part."

San Francisco 49ers defensive back Adrian Colbert (27) conducts a press conference after training camp at the SAP Performance Facility.Photo: Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

49ers DB Adrian Colbert Postgame Quotes – October 7, 2018, San Francisco 49ers vs. Arizona Cardinals

There were a couple of plays that you let get away from you. How do you generally feel after a game like that?

“You feel bad. Some of the plays that you missed were some of the plays that you go over in practice throughout the week. You have to take it with a grain of salt, come back the next day, watch tape and make the corrections on the things that you messed up on.”

What did you see on the Arizona Cardinals WR Christian Kirk play?

“It was just an undisciplined play by me. I saw [Arizona Cardinals WR] Larry [Fitzgerald] flash and it was just a bad play on my part. It is something that I have to correct.”

Was he coming across the middle on that play?


Did you expect for them to try to go deep that early in the game?

“Yes, one hundred percent. That is just something that I need to work on. As far as me being aggressive when I am playing in the post, a lot of teams are now going to try to scheme that up and I have to be better.”

After that play it looked like the defense played pretty sound football after that?

“Yes, if you take away that 75-yards, we played our best game in the secondary. That is how we have to be. Personally, I have to correct that mistake so that doesn’t happen again so we can come out and be the defense that we are.”