Coach Shanahan "None of us did good enough to win today, especially on offense."

Postgame reaction from Kyle Shanahan following Week 1 loss to Vikings.

Q: There were quite a few injuries; can you address each and how it affected you today?

A: [Marquise] Goodwin [had a] quad contusion; he was out for a while. He came back for a couple of plays. He tried to go hard but it was tough for him to run and so he didnt end up going back out again after that. [Mike] Person and [Joshua] Garnett were not sure. Theyre both going to have to get looked at more but definitely it was bad enough for them to come out and well see if they have a possibility for next week, tomorrow. Brock there at the end, Im not exactly sure what it was but I know it was a head injury so Id be assuming concussion or neck or sting or something.

Q: Did you have contingency plans around the guards coming into this that account for several injuries?

A: You do. We only have seven up on game day and we lost two, and two of them were guards. [Mike] McGlinchey had to go play guard for most of that second half and we had [Garry] Gilliam go and play right tackle.

Q: What did you go over with the offense on the sloppy play there at the end?

A: I just told them at the end, I know we were playing a real good team but I also think were a good team. When youre 1-4 in the red zone and you lose the turnover battle 3-to-1, when you have some of those drops and misplays down there, its very hard to beat a good team. We were definitely capable of doing it today and thats why it was so frustrating and disappointing. I thought we blew a lot of opportunities that you cannot do versus a good team, especially on the road and that is why we came up short.

Q: What happened with the pick six?

A: There was miscommunication in the protections and on the routes, so there was two things. That was our first lineup change right there so the protections got messed up so we had a hot situation when we shouldnt have been hot. Jimmy got surprised and had to get rid of it and we had a miscommunication on the route.

Q: How do you think Jimmy played today?

A: I will see more when I watch the tape, but none of us did good enough to win today, especially on offense.

Q: What was your read on [George] Kittles play when he managed to get behind the secondary?

A: It just looked like he missed it. I thought he should have come down with it but he didnt.

Q: Was it always the plan to have McGlinchey play guard?

A: Not really. Especially in his first game, you dont want to do that. Once it happened though you got to decide which way to go. We thought hed be better in there at guard, just since hes been practicing the last month, where Gilliam just got in here the last week. My hats off to him; he didnt hesitate. He was excited about the challenge and he went in there and did his best. I was definitely happy that he was willing to do that.

Q: In a situation where even McGlinchey were to be hurt, would you have to go a tight end to fill in as guard?

A: Yeah, one more injury and you can pick, but it would have been a tight end.

Q: Whats your early opinion on why you finished behind today? It seemed like there was a chance to come back later in the game.

A: You had a fumble on the one-yard line; I think that was third down. Im sure we would have gone for it if we didnt get it. I thought we missed Kittle in the end zone on another third-down, the last one. I thought [Dante] Pettis made a great play on that touchdown. I thought Pierre [Garçon] came up and Jimmy [Garoppolo] gave him a chance there. I didnt see it clean. I know he went up for it and had a chance and I wish he would have come down with it. I think that was all of them.

Q: Is Alfred [Morris] healthy? He didnt play after his fumble.

A: Yeah, hes healthy. He was fine. We were planning on rotating those guys all game, and I know he did play after that. That definitely didnt affect it; it had nothing to do with the fumble.

Q: What did you see in your defense today overall?

A: From what I saw, I thought our pass rush was good. We held them to 17 points. Holding that team to 17 points, I thought that would have been good enough for us to win. I thought we could have tackled a little bit better, from what I saw, but I thought they played good enough to win.

Q: Did [Fred] Warners game today confirm he earned his starting spot?

A: Yeah it looked like it. It looked like he made some plays out there. It looked like he tackled well. I didnt see him mess up any assignments; he didnt hesitate. He shot his guns and he made some tackles. From what I saw I was really pleased with how he played.

Q: Even with the fumbles and dropped passes did you feel like you still had a chance to win the game?

A: I think thats why were so frustrated. We need to play better to beat a good team like that. We believe we are a good team, but you arent until you can start beating some. In order to be a good team, you have to make those plays. Whats exciting is that we have the guys who can. The guys that can separate, the guys that can get open. Our defense kept us in that game and allowed us to get a chance to overcome some mistakes we made earlier. We lost and Im extremely disappointed in that but I think myself and all the coaches and players, we know this is a team we could beat. But they played good and made it hard to do that.

Q: Did the Vikings defense prepare anything unique for Jimmy?

A: No, they did what they always do. They are going to play corners three deep; some man free and mix in pressures when you get them on stuff. Its just a revolving door on all those things and its just trying to stay on schedule, stay on the chains. You know they are going to get you on some blitzes and you hope that we get them on some and I think it went that way. They got us on some and I think we got a number of explosives on them. I think we missed a few that we could have had. I was happy with that; I kind of knew that was how the game was going to go, going against a good D. But its hard to beat a team like that when you dont execute all of them.

Q: How do you assess Jimmys progression after this game?

A: Theres not one word to put on it. We went against a very good defense and we all didnt play as good as we could. Lots of quarterbacks struggle against that defense. Jimmy did some good things, but by no means was he perfect. Defense holds that team to 17, and if I didnt think we could get more than that, I wouldnt be as upset but I really think we should have.

Q: How do you react to the defensive backs not looking back to see when Kirk Cousins made some of those connections? Is that a technique?

A: It all depends on the timing of the play. If you get beat off the line and they got an edge on you, and youre running really fast and you look back, he is going to leave you. If youve got a guy covered and you feel comfortable, its a little easier to look back. I know some of the ones youre talking about; I saw them from a distance too. Of course you want guys to look back and make that play. I definitely think there were some we could have, but when you get beat off the line early in a play, then those are the ones you cant.

Q: Did you have to say anything to Solomon Thomas for jumping offside in that situation?

A: I think he knows. I can sit there and yell as loud as I want at him, but I think he knows. I think everyone in the world knows that.